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Want to buy AI images?

Why should I buy AI images, you might ask. My only answer to that is: How should I know? I’m not the one searching the internet for custom-made AI images.

Find more samples at my Instagram

I will give you a few reasons

  • For the same reason as the beautiful models above, because it’s fun to see how you can change your appearance. You can use the images as profile pics in social media, create NFT’s from them or why not just send them to people you like (or dislike – I’m not judging).
  • Using AI images in ads and for commercial purposes is excellent!
  • Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband or just a friend by sending them funny, cool, sexy or maybe chocking images of yourself

No matter what reasons you might have to buy custom-made AI images, I’m here to help you. I can create pretty, funny, sexy and creative images based on your wishes. Or you can let me have at it and let my creative side take over!

The only thing I will not do, is creating images of nude (or in another way explicit nature) by anyone except yourself.

What will you get for your money then?

  • At least 8-15 high quality images (most likely more)
  • 100-300 images of various quality
  • I will tag you in my instagram post when I share images of you
  • The only images I’m saving are the ones I share on Instagram, the rest are yours to do what you want with.

What’s the price then?

The price is completely dependant on what type of pictures you want, the quality of the pictures you provide for me to work with and how complicated the result is. Typically it takes me somewhere between 10-12 hours to create the images listed above, and it is a lot of work.

You can either make me an offer


Collect at least 4-5 pictures of yourself that follow these guidelines:

  • A minimum size of 512×512
  • Your face must be clear and visible on the pictures
  • Pictures must be in color
  • No sunglasses, eye wears, hats or hair hanging in your face
  • Facial tattoos will greatly lower the quality of the images
  • Write down a short description of what kind of images you want from the finished product, or just let me work my own imagination and creativity.

Email the pictures to business@zanno.se and put ”AI pictures” in the subject

Specify whether you are making an offer and what the offer is or if you want me to get back to you with an offer of my own.


As soon as we have agreed on a price I will start working on the images. I can not promise to work on the nonstop until they are ready, but I will try to get them ready as quickly as possible.

When the images are ready, I will show you a few samples.

The payment can be made either with cryptocurrency, PayPal or with credit/debit card. Once the I have received the full payment I will send you a link where you can download all the images.

The total price will not be lower than €40 (or $45 if you pay in USD), and unless you are requesting something really exceptional the price will not be higher than €60 (or $65 if you pay in USD).

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